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Appalachian Aged Shinken : Old World Style Prosciutto


This  dry aged, prosciutto style ham has a hint of hickory smoke in its flavor  as well as salt and brown sugar.

Colorrosy red
Texturethin, dry
Flavorsalt, brown sugar, hickory smoke
Aged2 years
Shelf Life4 weeks
Presentation3 oz. vacuum sealed tray

Shinken is the German Version of salt cured, brown sugar basted, country ham, and is akin tooth Italian Prosciutto or the Spanish Damon serrano. Schinken is made with hams and pork should, salt, brown sugar, a bit of natural hickory smoke, and time.

Slivers of this beautiful, bright red, slightly dry ham combines with and enhances the flavor of almost all Goot Essa cheeses, extending and deepening flavor experiences.