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Handcrafted Flavor for Dads Who Deserve the Best

Make Father’s Day unforgettable with the finest handcrafted cheeses, savory snacks, and sweet treats. Explore our curated selection of gifts, perfect for the dad who appreciates the finer things in life. Because he deserves deliciousness.

From June 4-11, enjoy delightful savings:

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From Our Farm to Dad’s Table:
10% Off Cheese, Condiments, and Fudge

5% Off Cheese Subscriptions

Handcrafted Flavor Delivered to His Door.
Explore New Flavors & Pairings Every Month.

Baskets Overflowing with Goodness

Skip the socks and ties this year. Surprise Dad with a basket overflowing with flavor! Our curated gift baskets are filled with handcrafted cheeses, savory snacks, and sweet surprises he'll love. It’s the easiest (and most delicious) way to show him you care.

Hearth & Home

Hearth & Home


This basket is packed with a variety of our most popular cheeses, showcasing a variety of flavors and textures. From creamy to sharp, mild to smoky, it’s a gift that any cheese lover will adore.

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Dad’s Collection

Dad’s Collection


This curated collection is a celebration of America’s favorite cheese. Featuring three distinct cheddar flavors — sharp, mild, and woodsmoked – it's the perfect gift for any Dad.

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Smoky cheeses, like our Mountain Home Woodsmoked Cheddar and Smoked Alpen Kase, are perfectly paired with savory snacks, tangy mustards, and sweet preserves for a truly memorable fireside feast.

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Nittany Assortment

Nittany Assortment


Discover the rich flavors of our region with a trio of our most popular handcrafted cheeses. Complemented by tangy mustard, sweet apple butter, crunchy crackers, and savory beef sticks.

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Gather Around the Table with Dad

Skip the boring burgers and surprise Dad with a homemade meal he’ll actually enjoy. Explore our recipe collection for easy (yet impressive) dishes showcasing the delicious flavors of Goot Essa cheese.

Spinach Dip Hot Bread

Score big points with Dad this Father’s Day with a gourmet take on a game day classic. This warm, cheesy spinach dip, loaded with Der Smoked Alpen Kase, is baked right into a crusty sourdough boule. It’s a sure touchdown for any gathering.

Three-Cheese Mini Macs

Celebrate with a playful twist on mac and cheese! These mini macs, bursting with three kinds of cheese, including Der Alpen Kase, are perfect for snacking during the game, backyard BBQs, or any occasion where Dad deserves a delicious treat.

Dad-Approved Bundles:
Handpicked for Flavor

Whether Dad’s a cheese connoisseur, a snack enthusiast, or a lover of sweet treats, we’ve got a bundle that’s perfect for him. Explore our handpicked selection and give the gift of flavor this Father’s Day.

Meat & Cheese Bundle

Ignite Dad’s taste buds with this duo of our most beloved smoked cheeses. Experience the rich, smoky notes of Mountain Home Woodsmoked Cheddar and the nuanced, salty-sweet caramel hints of Der Smoked Alpen Kase.

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The Cheesemonger’s Board

This curated collection features a harmonious balance of sheep, goat, and cow's milk cheeses, each with its unique character and flavor profile. Paired with our artisan condiments and crackers, it’s a gourmet experience perfect for sharing.

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Smoked Flavors Bundle

Savor the rich, smoky notes of Mountain Home Woodsmoked Cheddar and Der Smoked Alpen Kase alongside the tangy creaminess of Marn Vom Berge Cheese. The included Rustico Salami adds the perfect savory depth.

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