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Why Goot Essa

Looking for US produced, traditional artisanal farmstead, gourmet quality cheese? Take a look at the selection of cave aged, locally produced all-natural cheeses offered by Goot Essa, LLC. Our Amish, family farms produce several types of cow, goat and sheep cheeses from traditional, old family recipes.

Our soft cheeses are camembert-style, cow milk cheese (Der Weichen Gehl), a sheep milk bloomy rind cheese (Emanuel Vom Tal), and a goat milk bloomy rind cheeses (Marn Vom Berge). Each of these cheeses has our signature creamy texture, with notes of grass and earth, as well as the individual taste from the milk of the species. The paste and the edible rind imparts a complex and depth of flavor that pairs so well with lighter wines and light beers.

Our semi-soft cheeses include a washed curd white colby-style cheese (Old German Weissa Kase). This recipe is from a German-Swiss recipe that is generally considered the household cheese. It has a creamy texture and delicate flavor seldom found in this style of cheese. We also offer a sheep milk tomme style-natural rind cheese (Der Muttershaft Kase) with gourmet pleasing light, buttery and green grass flavor.  Our natural rind gouda-style and delicate gouda taste (Der Gouda Kase) pairs well with finer wines and brews. Notable hints of the cave aging are also present. Our signature blue cheese is Der Edel Bleu Kase, a stilton style, raw milk cheese, cave aged to bring out the best of the cheddar base as well as the piquant blue mold.

Traditional cheeses include our 3-year old aged cheddar (Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar). Liz Thorpe considered this to be one of the best farmstead-produced cheddars in the US. The pure cheddar taste and balanced sharpness add extra zest to each meal and beverage combination, a true expression of the cheesemaker’s art. A milder version of our aged cheddar (Mountain Meadow Mild Cheddar) is produced with the same attention to detail as our aged cheddar. It is a true farmstead cheese with all the butter and cheddar flavor but without the accompany acidity. Our emmental style Der Vauden Swiss is a natural rind, raw milk cheese whose recipe comes directly from the town of Vaud, Switzerland, the ancestral home of our Amish family. The slightly firm, large eyed cheese has an intense Swiss flavor combined with a buttery smooth texture and a finish of nuts and zesty bite.

Hard cheeses produced in our farmstead cheese house include our alpine-guyere style Der Alpen Kase.  This is a raw milk, cave aged, natural rind cheese with an intense alpine flavor. This is a great cooking cheese, and when heated opens up a whole world of complex flavor. Der Alpen Kase also adds dimensions of flavor when presented on a cheese board. For a hearty, sheep milk manchego-style, cave aged cheese, our Felsa Yehr brings out all the complexity for which this style of cheese is so appreciated by gourmet chefs. A combination of earth and grape flavors is complemented by a smooth texture and a clean finish. A firm textured pecorino-style sheep milk cheese is Der Butta Schaf. The hard rind is complemented by an acorn nuttiness and a natural, cave developed acidity. Our aged gouda is Alt Medisher. This exceptionally dry texture, full gouda flavor is the perfect accompaniment to more tannic red wines, ales and stouts, and German style pilsners. It also fits well on a cheese plate.

For those who prefer flavored cheeses we present Mountain Home Woodsmoked Cheddar Cheese. This is our signature cheddar laced with rich, smoky flavors. A sister cheese is Der Smoked Alpen Kase, a guyere style cheese with a less intense smoked flavor and hints of sweet cream and caramel. An Italian spice themed cheese is Savory Oregano Cheddar, a balanced cheddar bursting with fresh oregano and medium bodied texture. For a different spicy cheese, Garden Pepper Jack is a washed curd, jack-style with real bits of red peppers included. The texture is creamy and the taste is hot pepper piquancy tempered with a mild soft creamy finish. For those who like the taste of garlic, Minced Garlic Cheddar is our cheddar based with real bits of minced garlic added. It has an immediate garlic taste followed by a long creamy finish.