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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Goot Essa Cheese Shop open?

The cheese shop is open from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Saturday. We are closed on Sunday.

When is the Goot Essa Cheese Shop closed?

We do not work on Sundays, January 1, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Ascension Day, Pentecost Monday, Fall Communion Holiday (October 11), Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the day after Christmas. Otherwise, you can expect us to be at the shop.

How do I contact Goot Essa?

How should I store cheese?

Cheese needs to be kept cool. How cool depends on the type of cheese. Soft cheeses generally need to be kept at less than 45° F. Other types of cheeses should be stored at less than 50° F. Cheese should never be left to freeze because of fat and oil separation and significant loss of texture.

Are cheese rinds edible?

The rinds of soft cheeses (Der Weichen Gehl, Marn Vom Berge, and Emanuel Vom Tal) are edible and contribute to the flavor and texture. As Goot Essa cheeses have natural rinds, whether they are eaten or not is entirely up to the purchaser. The rinds change the tactile sensation of the experience.

What are the white spots on the cheese?

The white spots are deposits of calcium or sodium chloride. They are completely harmless and only indicate that the cheese is still aging.

Can I tour the cheese facility?

Yes. Tours are offered at a cost. Give us a call at 800-490-4387 to schedule a tour.

How does shipping work?

We ship with UPS and FedEx, using the most economical method consistent with maintaining good cheese quality. Expedited shipping is available for an additional charge.

We mainly ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Shipments may take place on Thursday, but only when the package is guaranteed to be delivered before the weekend to preserve the cheese’s quality.