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From our meticulously crafted artisanal cheeses to the perfect accompaniments of crackers and condiments, every product tells a story of tradition, passion, and authenticity.

Whether you're seeking the creamy allure of soft cheese or the robust flavors of our aged cheddars, our selection promises to elevate every culinary experience. Pair them with our handpicked condiments and artisan crackers or indulge in the sweet delight of our homemade fudge.

Artisanal Cheese

Semi-Soft Cheese

Goot Essa’s semi-soft cheeses include from three milk species: cow, goat, and sheep. The cheeses are cow’s milk washed curd style cheese, a sheep’s milk tomme style cheese, a goat gouda, and a cow’s milk stilton blue cheese.

Soft Cheese

The soft cheese lineup is a farmstead cow’s milk camembert style cheese and sheep & goat bloomy rind cheeses. Like all Goot Essa cheese, the soft cheeses are crafted in small batches.


The traditional cheeses are our signature sharp cheddar which is aged for over three and a half years, a mild cheddar, and an Emmental Swiss cheese.

Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar


Our hard cheeses include a cow’s milk gruyere style cheese, a sheep's milk manchego style cheese, a sheep’s milk pecorino style cheese, and a washed curd goat’s milk cheese.


Our flavored cheeses are a smoked cheddar, a smoked alpine cheese, an oregano cheddar, a garlic cheddar, and a pepper jack.


Goot Essa provides several types of artisan crackers. These crackers pair with other Goot Essa products to create a unique flavor combination. Examples include original wheat and whole grain.


Goot Essa’s line of condiments includes mustards, jellies, pickles and beets, made by members of the Esh family. The condiments are available in 1.5 oz, 4 oz and quart jars.

Gideon’s Sweet Mustard

Open Crock Ice Pickles

Sweet & Spicy Mustard

Nittany Valley Pure Honey


Goot Essa offers five flavors of homemade fudge. The fudge is available in 3.5 oz pans.

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