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Beer Pairings

Old German Weissa Kase

TextureA medium-bodied cheese with a smooth creamy texture
FlavorCream and butter with a touch of tang and a long silky finish
PairingsThe versatile cheese that will bring out the best in any food or beer pairing!
Suggested BeersHefeweizen, IPA, moderately hoppy Pilsners, Porter, Stout

Der Mutterschaf Kase

TextureA Pecorino style, semi-soft, medium -bodied cheese with a smooth creamy texture
Flavor Rich & diverse flavor with notes of butter & earth and a slightly tangy, citrus finish
PairingsApples, red grapes & pear. Raw vegetables such as celery, carrots & cauliflower. Cured meats such as: peppery salami, chorizo, and prosciutto
Suggested BeersHappy Pale Ale, Brown Ale, German Pilsner, Bock

Der Gouda Kase

TextureA semi-soft cheese with light eye formation with a silky mouth feel
FlavorA rich Gouda with toasted almond & subtle goat notes with a very clean finish
PairingsSliced yellow peppers, sweet pickles, apples, pears. Salty snacks such as: corn chips and nacho chips. Walnuts, almonds, cashews and pistachios. Cured meats such as: salami & prosciutto.
Suggested BeersIPA, Stout, Brown Ale

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Der Gouda Kase

Der Edel Bleu Kase

TextureA creamy Stilton Blue Cheese in style with a firm yet slightly crumbly texture
FlavorFull-flavored bleu, velvety rich
PairingsBest accompanied by nutty or sweet accompaniments: plums, dates, walnuts, spiced/candied pecans, crystalized ginger, gingersnaps
Suggested BeersStout, Imperial Stout, Porter, IPA, Bareleywine, strong Belgian Ale

Der Weichen Gehl

TextureA supple texture that rolls across the palate with a creamy ease
FlavorA mild yet rich sweet buttery tasting cheese with soft lingering flavors of tangy cream; the slightly nutty flavored rind is gentle and well-integrated into the smooth rich center
PairingsBoth sweet and savory flavors apply. Fruits: the classic apple, pears, grapes and berries; savory nuts and cured meats, such as pecans, walnuts, prosciutto and salami. A mixed plate of pears, dark grapes, pecans and prosciutto will be a sure crowd pleaser.
Suggested BeersWheat Beer, Tripel, Kolsch, Witbier, Blonde Ale, moderately hoppy Pilsner
Der Weichen Gehl Kase

Emanuel Vom Tal Kase

TextureA semi-soft, bloomy rind, creamy center
FlavorMild, rich salted butter cream, tangy finish with hints of grass aroma
PairingsSweet and savory flavors, including dried and glazed fruits, especially pears, cherries and figs, sweet thick drizzles including honeycomb, caramelized citrus glaze and port wine sauce. Wonderful accompanied by fruit compotes, jams & chutneys. Fresh pears, red grapes and blanched slivered almonds are a classic cheese board favorite.
Suggested BeersSaison, Pilsner, Hefeweizen, Triple, Witbier, Imperial IPA

Marn Vom Berge Kase

TextureA semi-soft, ash, bloomy rind, creamy center
FlavorA salted butter brie-like quality, tangy cream with a mild earthy finish of light mushroom
PairingsSweet and tangy jams, dark berry compote, dark cherries, caramelized spiced nuts; Smoked meats, such as truffled salami, bresaola and serrano ham
Suggested BeersSaison, Lambic, Schwarzbier, Porter, Golden Ale, Witbier

Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar

TextureA smooth medium-bodied semi-hard white cheddar cheese
FlavorA rich and creamy taste with a savory soft sweetness balanced by a rounded sharpness. A flavorful cheese with a long lasting true cheddar bite that pleasantly lingers
PairingsBest accompanied by foods with a crisp acidity: apples, pears, apple butter, fruit chutney, gourmet mustards
Suggested BeersIPA, Stout, Pale Ale, Amber Ale, Brown Ale

Mountain Meadow Mild Cheddar

TextureA smooth light-bodied semi-hard white cheddar cheese
FlavorSilken soft cheddar flavors, offering a fresh and young mild tangy bite
PairingsBest accompanied by fruits with softer acidity and richer sweetness, such as peaches and grapes. Salty, smoky flavors found in cured meats such as prosciutto or roasted hazelnuts.
Suggested BeersStout, Porter, Dopplebock, strong Belgian Ale, Brown Ale, Oktoberfest

Der Vauden Swiss

TextureA smooth medium-bodied traditional Swiss cheese
FlavorMild, buttery, with a bit of zip, and beautifully balanced acidity
PairingsBest accompanied by savory or sweet: pesto, spiced nuts or apples, dried cranberries, rich chocolate. So versatile with a range of flavors
Suggested BeersBock Beer, Dark Lagers, Malty Ales, Oktoberfest
Der Vauden Swiss

Der Alpen Kase

TextureA firm cheese with a smooth and flawless texture
FlavorA wonderful blend of sweet, salty, buttery and nutty flavors
PairingsBest accompanied by salty, tangy or spiced foods: smoked or cured meats, ham, prosciutto, smoked salmon, spiced nuts, grilled meats, citrus vinaigrette dressed salads
Suggested BeersHefeweizen, moderately hoppy Pale Ales, Amber Ales

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Der Alpen Kase

Felsa Yehr

TextureA firm cheese, yet offers an unexpectedly smooth texture
FlavorA firm manchego style with a complex blend of earth, grass and grape undertones
PairingsFigs, dates, grapes, quince paste, dark chocolate, or savory green olives, walnuts, marcona almonds, robust meats ranging from spicy chorizo sausage to grilled lamb or beef
Suggested BeersBlonde Ale, IPA, Witbier, Wheat Ale, Lager

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Felsa Yehr

Butta Schaf Kase

TextureA Pecorino style, firm, full -bodied cheese with a smooth creamy texture
FlavorA natural bite with a slight acorn flavor
PairingsSavory or sweet such as pesto, spiced nuts, apples, dried cranberries and rich chocolate
Suggested BeersAmber Ale, Rye Ale, Brown Ale, Octoberfest
Butta Schaf Kase

Alt Medisher Goat Cheese

TextureA firm cheese with a smooth full-bodied texture
FlavorSimilar to an aged Gouda in style, lush salted butter, tangy citrus and a hint of mushroom
PairingsFresh apples, maple candied nuts. Cured meats such as salamis, ham and cured bacon
Suggested BeersHefeweizen, moderately hoppy Pale Ales, Amber Ales 

Mountain Home Woodsmoked Cheddar Cheese

TextureA smooth medium-bodied semi-hard white cheddar cheese
FlavorRich, smoky flavors laced with the well-rounded tang of American cheddar
PairingsBest accompanied by apples, cherries, grilled red meats
Suggested BeersAmber Ale, Rye Ale, Brown Ale, Oktoberfest, IPA, Vienna Lager, Porter, IPA

Der Smoked Alpen Kase

TextureA firm smooth cheese with a slight hint of salty crunch
FlavorA piquant, yet subtle smoky flavor with a salty sweet cream and hints of caramel
PairingsFresh or caramelized apples, malty grained biscuit breads, maple candied nuts, cured meats such as hearty salamis, smoked bacon, ham
Suggested BeersPorter, Amber Ale, Rye Ale, Brown Ale, Oktoberfest, IPA, Witbier, Wheat Ale, Lager

Savory Oregano Cheddar

TextureA smooth medium-bodied semi-hard white cheddar cheese
FlavorBursting with fresh oregano flavor balanced with a gentle cheddar bite
PairingsBest accompanied by heirloom tomato slices, lemon-infused salads, chilled lamb sandwiches with horseradish, smoked trout
Suggested BeersBelgian-style Saison, American Pale Ale, Witbier

Garden Pepper Jack

TextureA smooth medium-bodied semi-hard washed curd
FlavorGarden fresh hot pepper piquancy tempered with a mild soft creamy finish
PairingsBest accompanied by sweet and sour fruit such as green grapes, sesame crackers and savory jellies
Suggested BeersBlonde Ale, Amber Ale, Winter Warmers, a big malty beer stands up well to the hot peppers

Minced Garlic Cheddar

TextureA smooth medium-bodied semi-hard white cheddar cheese
FlavorA garlic lover’s delight, the rich sharp garlic flavors are forefront in this cheese, followed with a long creamy mild cheddar finish
PairingsBest accompanied by apples, rosemary roasted chicken (use as an ingredient in fondue)
Suggested BeersRye Ale, German Pale Lager, Blonde Ale, IPA, Stout, Amber Ale, Pale Ale