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Der Smoked Alpen Kase

4 oz wedge


8 oz wedge


Goot Essa Der Smoked Alpen Kase is another hand made cheese for those who want to mix a smokey taste with the nuttiness of our Alpen Kase.

Texture A firm smooth cheese with a slight hint of salty crunch
Flavor A piquant, yet subtle smokey flavor with a salty sweet cream and hints of caramel
Aged 18 months
Milk Type Cow
Shelf Life 4 months
Presentation 4 oz wedge, 8 oz wedge and 6 lb half-wheel; vacuum sealed

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An immensely popular flavored cheese in areas of the southern United States is Goot Essa Der Smoked Alpen Kase. This hand-made, raw cow milk cheese is produced from our own recipe. This is our signature Der Alpen Kase coupled with a hickory smoked flavor.  This cheese is produced in 5 lb half wheels for consistent smoking and aged about 12 months. The mix of wood smoke and Der Alpen tastes are enhanced by a dry, hard texture which imparts a sharp bite and lingering finish.

Our locally produced Der Smoked Alpen Kase is great in a carbonara sauce, soups, and mixed into a cheese log. This cheese enhances the flavor of grilled red meats, cured meats, especially hearty salami, smoked bacon, and ham.  It also pairs various stone fruits, caramelized apples, multigrain biscuit breads, and maple candied nuts, spicy brown mustard, garlic bread, and earthy jams bring out a complex blend of flavors from this cheese. This cheese also pairs well with a wide range of white wines as well as a wide range of reds. A great accompaniment to beers, this cheese goes well with porter, amber ale, rye ale, brown ale, Octoberfest, IPA, wheat ale, and lager. Der Smoked Alpen Kase promotes easy entertaining: just put out a block of this cheese, some crackers and let your guests help themselves.

The milk for this cheese is produced on the Esh family farm located in the Nittany Valley of central Pennsylvania.  The Eshes are proud of both their farmstead and the care that they give each individual animal. A large emphasis is put on cow comfort and providing a natural environment for their animals.

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