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Tangy Pickled Red Beets

1.5 oz jar


4 oz jar


Goot Essa Pickled Red Beets brings all the earthiness of beets with highlighted sweetness, and which helps bring out all the subtle flavors of our cheese. Sunday dinner would not be Sunday dinner without these pickles.

Color Deep Scarlet
Texture Slightly crisp
Flavor Vinegar, followed by the earthiness of beets, and then a bit of sweet
Presentation 1.5 oz. jar, 4 oz. jar, and 1 quart jar

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Goot Essa Tangly Pickled Red Beets are all-natural, home-made red beet pickles from another heirloom recipe. The deep scarlet color and slightly crisp texture are highlighted by a bitter earthiness and a rush of vinegary acidity followed by a sweet finish. The pickled red beets go well with pizza, and lighter lunch time favorites. These beets go well with Der Alpen Kase and fit well on the charcuterie board paring the earthiness of the beets with prosciutto or sausages. Every Amish Sunday dinner has pickled red beets often along with ice pickles.

The red beets are raised in the Esh family garden and are pulled when 1 to 11/2 inches. Because the beets are planted several times per year, pickling of the red beets continues most of the summer. All Goot Essa condiments are produced in kitchens inspected and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Goot Essa—good food in Pennsylvania Dutch

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