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Der Gouda Kase

4 oz wedge


8 oz wedge


Goot Essa Gouda Kase is our classic cave aged gouda, produced for generations in the Alps and now in the mountains of central Pennsylvania.

Texture A semi-soft cheese with light eye formation and a silky mouth feel
Flavor A rich Gouda with toasted almond and subtle goat notes—a very clean finish
Aged 6 months
Milk Type Goat
Shelf Life 3 months
Presentation 4 oz wedge, 8 oz wedge, and 4 lb wheel; wedges vacuum sealed; wheel wrapped in butcher paper

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Der Gouda Kase is a gourmet, farmstead, raw goat milk cheese with the taste of a mild gouda. The all natural, artisanal taste, which is unique to our cheese house, is primarily due to the richness imparted by our cheese cave.  The semi-soft texture and mild eye formation are complemented by the flavor of lush salted butter combined with hints of grass and mushroom, but with an added hint of goat. Der Gouda is produced in 4 lb wheels and is aged about 4 months before the unique flavor develops. Der Gouda Kase translates from Pennsylvania Dutch as “The Gouda Cheese” as in Switzerland gouda is normally made from only from goat milk.

Der Gouda Kase goes well blended into buttered noodles and other pasta-based dishes. The mild gouda flavor of Der Gouda goes well with Rebecca’s Strawberry Cranberry Preserve, Dutch Treat Raspberry-Red Beet Spread, and Sweet and Spicy Mustard as well as berries, stone fruits and peppery salami, Spanish Chorizo, Italian prosciutto, or sliced country ham. Coupled with raw vegetables like celery, carrots and cauliflower, subtle tastes emerge. It also stars on the charcuterie board. Cut into small squares it is a wonderful appetizer either alone or on small pieces of sour dough bread. This cheese pairs well with a wide range of dry white wines and full-bodied red wines as well stouts, pale ales, and brown ale.

The goat milk is produced by an Amish farmer in Nittany Valley Pennsylvania from a flock of 25 milking goats. Each child adopts several goats and they all end up as family pets.

Goot Essa—good food in Pennsylvania Dutch.