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Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar

4 oz block


8 oz block


Goot Essa Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar is generally recognized as one of the truly fine aged farmstead cheddars in the United States. Our cheese maker has spent years developing the unique combination of flavors that go into this artisan cheese. We know you are going to love it.

Texture A smooth medium bodied semi-hard white cheddar
Flavor A rich and creamy taste with a savory soft sweetness balanced by a rounded sharpness. A flavorful cheese with a long-lasting true cheddar bite that pleasantly lingers
Aged 36 months
Milk Type Cow
Shelf Life 4 months
Presentation 4 oz block, 8 oz block, and 5 lb loaf; vacuum sealed

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The Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar is Goot Essa’s signature, traditional cheese.  This is an all-natural raw cow milk farmstead cheddar which we age for 3 years to develop the nuttiness and creamy taste which gourmet cheese lovers really appreciate. Israel, our renowned cheese maker, has spent years developing the complex flavor typical of the original German-Swiss artisanal recipe taken directly from our Amish heritage.  This cheese is a completely hand-made white cheddar with a well-rounded sharpness and a deep cheddar flavor.  This is also a versatile cheese that melts well for recipes that call for cheddar cheese and is a terrific base in fondues. Great as either an appetizer or as a dessert, Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar also works well on charcuterie boards.

Constant quality control ensures that the taste is the same batch after batch.  After careful salting and pressing in 40-lb blocks, we age the cheese in our cold room until the cheese reaches the peak of flavor. Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar pairs well with various condiments including snack crackers mustard, horseradish, as well as some sweet relishes. This cheese also works well with whole nuts, locally grown fresh fruits like pears and apples as well as dried apricots. It also pairs well with crisp white wines, and dry reds, as well as cider, stouts, lagers and pale ales.

The milk for this cheese is produced on the Esh family farm located in the Nittany Valley of central Pennsylvania.  The Eshes are proud of both their farmstead and the care that they give each individual animal. A large emphasis is put on cow comfort and providing a natural environment for the cows.

Goot Essa—good food in Pennsylvania Dutch.

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