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Der Mutterschaf Kase

4 oz wedge


8 oz wedge


Goot Essa Mutterschaf Kase is an artisanal, sheep milk tomme-style cheese, aged in our cave and brought to you at the peak of flavor for both enjoying with your favorite beverages and atop many pasta dishes.

Texture A Tomme-style, semi-soft, medium-bodied cheese with a smooth creamy texture
Flavor Rich and diverse flavor with notes of butter and earth; a slightly tangy, citrus finish
Aged 3-4 months
Milk Type Sheep
Shelf Life 3 months
Presentation 4 oz wedge, 8 oz wedge and 4 lb wheel; wedges vacuum sealed; wheel wrapped in butcher paper

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Goot Essa Der Mutterschaf Kase is another all-natural gourmet cheese produced from sheep milk. This traditional Amish recipe is an artisanal, semi-soft Tomme-style cheese with a creamy texture.  The rich, diverse flavor has notes of butter, earth and finishes with a slightly citrus tang accented by the fatty acids of sheep milk.  We produce Der Mutterschaf Kase in 4 lb wheels and age them in our cheese cave for 3-4 months.  This cheese is a great appetizer cheese, served alone or with chewy breads or toast, as well as a compliment to a fresh fruit salad.  This sheep milk cheese also fits on an after-dinner cheese board following a main dish of fish or seafood. It is also a pleasing addition to a lighter charcuterie board.  Der Mutterschaf Kase pairs well with Goot Essa condiments like Nittany Valley Pure Honey and jams, as well as Dutch Treat Raspberry-Red Beet Spread, and fresh fruits like apples, red grapes and pears.  It also pairs well with Aunt Ruth’s Strawberry Rhubarb Conserve and compliments peppery salami, chorizo and prosciutto. We recommend a wide range of white wines and reds with lower tannins. This cheese is also complimentary with IPAs, stouts, brown ales, German Pilsner and Bock beer. Der Mutterschaf Kase translates to “the mother sheep cheese” in Pennsylvania Dutch.

The sheep milk for Der Mutterschaf Kase is from a local Amish Farmer in lower Nittany Valley. Normally, the sheep live on lush pasture for almost the whole year. The family milks the sheep from mid-January through to the middle of October.

Goot Essa—good food in Pennsylvania Dutch.


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