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Nittany Valley Pure Honey


Goot Essa Nittany Valley Pure Honey is an all-natural product produced by our neighbors. The flavor, may vary depending, on season, but the taste is always truly what the bees make. Pure honey goes perfectly with many of the less intense cheeses.

Color Light yellow to golden brown
Texture Pure honey
Flavor Natural sweetness, with undertones of wild flowers—which wild flowers depends on whether the bees are harvesting clover, wild flowers, or locust flowers
Presentation 1.5 oz. jar; 4 oz. jar, and 1 quart jar

Larger product sizes available. Contact us for pricing.

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Goot Essa Nittany Valley Pure Honey is undiluted honey which we get directly from our local apiary. The flavor of honey varies with the season, but we focus are attention on the portion of the growing season when much of the nectar is from tree flowers. Pure Honey pairs with Der Weichen Gehl, Emanuel Vom Tal, Marn Vom Berge,Old German Weissa Kase, Der Mutterschaft Kase, Der Edel Bleu, Der Gouda Kase, Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar, Mountain Meadow Mild Cheddar, Der Vauden Swiss, Felsa Yehr, Savory Oregano Cheddar, and Mountain Home Woodsmoked Cheddar. This pure, all-natural honey is a natural sweetener for many foods.  It adds extra depth to fresh baked breads and rolls, enlivens baked beans and makes hot breakfast biscuits divine. Adding a drop of pure honey to fresh fruits releases unexpectedly subtle flavors. Honey also enriches cheese boards, particularly dessert cheese boards.

Our honey is produced locally in Central Pennsylvania at several different hives.  After separating from the comb by centrifugation, the honey is stored back at our cheese shop. Like our jellies and other condiments, our honey is inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Goot Essa—good food in Pennsylvania Dutch

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