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Felsa Yehr


Goot Essa Felsa Yehr is our Swiss-German take on a cave-aged manchego and is an unexpected treat. Cave aging this sheep milk cheese for 18 months gives this cheese a complex, blend of earth flavors.

Texture A firm cheese, yet offers and unexpectedly smooth texture
Flavor A firm manchego style with a complex blend of earth, grass and grape undertones
Aged 18 months
Milk Type Sheep
Shelf Life 4 months
Presentation 4 oz wedge, 8 oz wedge, and 5 lb wheel; wedges vacuum sealed; wheel wrapped in butcher paper

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Goot Essa Felsa Yehr is our Amish interpretation of a cave-aged Manchego-style cheese and is one of our signature, gourmet cheeses.  This all natural, raw sheep milk cheese is hand-made and stored exclusively in our cave for 18 months, with the 5 lb wheels being continually turned by hand. This is a hard, dense cheese with an unexpectedly smooth texture and a dark paste. The flavor is a complex blend of earth and grass with subtle grape undertones. The flavor is intense, but with a clean, smooth finish. Felsa Yehr means “rock aged” in Pennsylvania Dutch.

Felsa Yehr is made for a cheese board and balances many sweet and spicy foods on the charcuterie board. As an appetizer, it goes well on a French bread or on warm wedge of toast. This farm stead cheese demands a spicy mustard or tangy red beets along with fresh grapes and quince paste. It pairs well with crisp, dry white wines and a wide range of intense red wines. Felsa Yehr also is the perfect “to go with” for all heavier brews and hard cider. This cheese is made for easy entertaining: just put out a wheel of Felsa Yehr, your favorite beverage, and a cheese knife, and let your guests help themselves

The sheep milk for this cheese is provided by two families in Clarion County, Pennsylvania.  The sheep are grass fed and produce milk of high fat and protein content. Lambing begins in December and finishes in May. The long lambing period is one secret to the intense flavor of Felsa Yehr.

Goot Essa—good food in Pennsylvania Dutch.

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