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Der Weichen Gehl – 6 oz


6 oz Der Weichen Gehl

Texture A supple texture that rolls across the palate with a creamy ease
Flavor A mild, yet exceptionally buttery cheese with soft lingering flavors of tangy cream; the slightly nutty rind is gentle and well-integrated into the smooth rich center
Aged 60 days
Milk Type Cow
Shelf Life 4 weeks
Presentation 6 oz wheel only; wrapped in cheese paper



Goot Essa Der Weichen Gehl is an Amish rendering of a classic brie or camembert-style cheese.  Hand-made from pasteurized cow milk according to our traditional recipe, and aged in our own cave, this farmstead, all natural, gourmet cheese has a supple texture that rolls across the plate with a creamy ease. The flavor is mild, but exceptionally buttery with soft lingering flavors of tangy cream.  The slightly nutty rind is well-integrated into a smooth, rich paste.  This cheese is one of the truly great domestically produced bries, and truly termed gourmet.

We produce Der Weichen Gehl in our cheese shop in 6 oz wheels and we cave age them until the rind develops the supple characteristics so appreciated by cheese aficionados. The rich flavor of this cheese is due not only to our special cave, but also to the cream content of the milk with which we start.  This cheese is perfect on a cheese board, both as appetizers and as desserts, and it really broadens the scope of a charcuterie board.  Der Weichen Gehl is perfect when baked with locally produced honey or sugared nuts.  It adds depth to salads and casseroles. This cheese is the perfect pairing with cured meats, and most nuts, and all fruits except citrus. It also pairs well with crisp dry white wines and light, slightly fruity red wines. Placed on French bread, it also pairs perfectly with light pilsners and Belgium wheat beers.

The milk for this cheese is produced on the Esh family farm located in the Nittany Valley of central Pennsylvania.  The Eshes are proud of both their farmstead and the care that they give each individual animal. A large emphasis is put on cow comfort and providing a natural environment for their animals.

Goot Essa—good food in Pennsylvania Dutch.

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