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Snowy Evening Cider Spice – 4 oz


While we tend to have all-natural beverages, we do like to have different tastes and this mix is one of our favorites. Just add the contents of this jar to 2 quarts of sweet cider. It is a great fall drink with popcorn, cookies, and of course, our cheeses. Outstanding as hot mulled cider.

Color Molasses brown
Texture Syrup
Flavor Apple, cinnamon, sweet brown sugar
Presentation 4 oz. jar only

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Goot Essa Snowy Evening Cider Spice is our all-natural addition to fresh squeezed apple cider. This is great cold or served warm as mulled cider.  Just add the contents of the package to 2 quarts of cider to make a refreshing treat. This mix makes a great fall and winter drink with popcorn, cookies, or tart apples . The color is a deep, rich molasses brown and has the texture of syrup before mixing with the cider. Our cider spice pairs well with Old German Weissa Kase, Der Vauden Swiss, Felsa Yehr, Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar, and Mountain Meadow Mild Cheddar.

Ingredients include allspice, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and brown sugar.  This mix makes entertaining easy: just purchase 2 packages for each gallon of sweet cider, and let your guest help themselves.

Snowy Evening Cider Spice, an heirloom family recipe, is produced in one of our inspected, Amish kitchens. Like our jellies and other condiments, our cider spice is inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Goot Essa—good food in Pennsylvania Dutch.

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