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Emanuel Vom Tal Kase – 5.5 oz


Goot Essa Emanuel Vom Tal Kase is a classic bloomy rind—hard to make, but with the deep cream flavor of sheep milk.

Texture A creamy center surrounded by a semi-soft bloomy rind
Flavor Mild but rich salted butter cream, tangy finish with hints of grass in taste and aroma
Aged 60 days
Milk Type Sheep
Shelf Life 4 weeks
Presentation 5.5 oz log only; wrapped in cheese paper

Goot Essa Emanuel Vom Tal Kase is a gourmet, pasteurized sheep milk bloomy rind cheese. This all-natural, hand-made, cheese is a classic bloomy rind, but with the deep, rich flavor and complexity of sheep milk. The locally produced milk is made into cheese in our cheese shop using a traditional German-Swiss recipe which was originally used when cheese needed to be made in a hurry. The flavor profile runs to salted cream with hints of grass in both taste and aroma. The supple, edible rind imparts a subtle mushroom taste. We produce Emanuel Vom Tal Kase as 5.5 oz logs and age it for about 6 weeks. We store it in the same caves as we do our Der Wiechen Gehl as the rind development is similar. Emanuel Vom Tal translates to Emanuel from over the valley in Pennsylvania Dutch.  In this case, Emanuel is one of the shepherds.

Emanuel Vom Tal Kase adds new taste dimensions to lettuce salads. It is great baked and on French bread or warm toasted bread squares. It pairs well with sweets like Aunt Mary’s Peach Jam and Dutch Treat Raspberry-Red Beet Spread, or better yet Nittany Valley Pure Honey. Flavor enhancers include dried and glazed fruits like pears, cherries and figs, fresh grapes, and almond slivers. This cheese is excellent on a cheese board, either as an appetizer or dessert, as well as on the charcuterie.  Emanuel Vom Tal Kase pairs well with a wide range of whites, from sparkling wines to semi-sweet Riesling and with less intense red wines. Recommended beers include Saison, Schwarzbier, Porter and pilsners.

The sheep milk for Emanuel Vom Tal is from a local Amish Farmer in lower Nittany Valley.  Normally, the sheep live on lush pasture for almost the whole year.

Goot Essa—good food in Pennsylvania Dutch.

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