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Savory Oregano Cheddar

4 oz block


8 oz block


Goot Essa Savory Oregano Cheddar is great both as a snack and as a cheese made for cooking. Our traditional cheddar combined with a hint of savory oregano.

Texture A smooth medium-bodied semi-hard white cheddar cheese
Flavor Bursting with fresh oregano flavor balanced with a gentle cheddar bite
Aged 12 months
Milk Type Cow
Shelf Life 3 months
Presentation 4 oz block, 8 oz block, 5 lb loaf; vacuum sealed

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Goot Essa Savory Oregano Cheddar is a farmstead, all-naturally produced raw cow milk cheddar cheese infused with oregano to add a bit of piquant. The added oregano produces a uniquely Italian flavor seldom found in cheddar cheeses. The texture is medium-bodied, semi-hard yet with a smooth mouth feel. This hand-made cheese is produced in 40 lb block and is aged for 12 months. The Goot Essa condiments that go with this cheese include Nittany Valley Pure Honey and Rebecca’s Strawberry Cranberry Preserve.  Often used in pizzas and Italian pastas, it is best when accompanied by heirloom tomato slices, lemon-infused salads, chilled lamb sandwiches, and smoked trout. This pairs best with dry, fruity white wines and full fleshy fruity reds such as Australian Shiraz and red Zinfandel.  Savory Oregano Cheddar also compliments Belgian-style Saison, Witbier and American Pale Ale.

The milk for this cheese is produced on the Esh family farm located in the Nittany Valley of central Pennsylvania.  The Eshes are proud of both their farmstead and the care that they give each individual animal. A large emphasis is put on cow comfort and providing a natural environment for the cows.

Goot Essa—good food in Pennsylvania Dutch.

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