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Marn Vom Berge Kase – 5.5 oz


Marn Vom Berge Kase – 5.5 oz

Texture A semi-soft ash rind surrounding a creamy center
Flavor A salted butter-brie like quality, tangy cream with a mild earthy finish of light mushroom
Aged 60 days
Milk Type Goat
Shelf Life 4 weeks
Presentation 5.5 oz log only; wrapped in cheese paper


Goot Essa Marn Vom Berge is a gourmet, pasteurized goat milk bloomy rind cheese. This all-natural, hand-made, cheese has all the rich grass notes of a highland pasture combined with tangy cream and a mild earthy finish of light mushroom. The locally produced milk is turned into cheese in our cheese shop using a traditional German-Swiss recipe which was originally used when cheese needed to be made in a hurry. We produce Marn Vom Berge as 5.5 oz logs and age it for about 6 weeks. We store it in the same caves as we do our Der Wiechen Gehl as the rind development is similar, but we add a light ash coating to the rind.  Marn Vom Berge translates to Mary from over the mountain in Pennsylvania Dutch.  In this case, Mary is the shepherd’s daughter.

Marn Vom Berge adds the refreshing tang of goat to beet salads, lettuce salads, grape salads, and watermelon salads.  As canapes on French bread alone or with shallots on crackers. Sweet and tangy jams, dark berry compote, and cherries also pair exceptionally well as do cured meats. This cheese is excellent on a cheese board, either as an appetizer or dessert.  This bloomly also pairs well with a wide range of whites, from sparkling wines to semi-sweet Riesling, but less intense red wines. Recommended beers include Saison, Schwarzbier, Porter and pilsners.

The goat milk is produced by an Amish farmer in Nittany Valley Pennsylvania from a flock of 25 milking goats. Each child adopts several goats and they all end up as family pets.


Goot Essa—good food in Pennsylvania Dutch.

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